Josh Hart Disses Detroit Pistons Franchise With One Simple Word

If you are a Detroit fan don’t ever expect to see Josh Hart wearing a Pistons jersey. Josh Hart dissed the Detroit Pistons in response to fan made photoshop of him wearing the franchises’ jersey.

Twitter user @revivedgraphic posted the photo with caption saying “Josh Hart to Detroit”. It was quickly shut down after Josh Hart responded saying, “NA”. Everyone knows the bad wrap the city of Detroit has, and he was no parts of it.

Josh Hart Disses Detroit Pistons Franchise With One Simple Word

Detroit is known for having bad weather, high crime rates, and of course doesn’t appear to be in title contention anytime soon. Considering Josh Hart has played in LA and New Orleans, it’s easy to see why playing for the Pistons seems like a nightmare to him.

Somewhere Blake Griffin is icing his bad knees and smiling.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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