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Stephen Jackson Responds to Rachel Nichols Racist Comments About Maria Taylor in ‘F*** ESPN’ Rant

Stephen Jackson got candid in a new video responding to Rachel Nichols leaked audio about Maria Taylor. In the process he also used the opportunity to diss ESPN with some curse words. During the video he gave Rachel Nichols some advice about what her next move should be, and what the current reality of the situation was.

Stephen Jackson reacted to Rachel Nichols’ racist comments about Maria Taylor by first letting her know the situation doesn’t look good. The network she works for caught a stray when Stephen Jackson said, ‘F*** ESPN’. Next he let Rachel Nichols know that people would stand with Maria Taylor from the jump due to situation looking racially motivated. Lastly he suggested that Rachel Nichols come forward, and explain the context of what she said.

One thing that seems to be a theme here is that behind the scenes there seems to be many employees who are disgruntled with ESPN. Stephen Jackson saying “F*** ESPN” twice within 1 minute is evidence of deep seeded hatred from whatever happened between him and ESPN. Imagine what Maria Taylor is thinking going into work knowing that ESPN didn’t punish Rachel Nichols for comments about her that could be seen as racism.

Will Rachel Nichols take Stephen Jackson’s advice to publicly clarify the context of her comments?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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