Jake Paul Fights Floyd Mayweather at Press Conference: Jake Paul Steals Floyd Mayweather Hat Starting Massive Brawl

Jake Paul fighting Floyd Mayweather after squaring up is going viral. Floyd Mayweather is fighting Logan Paul in June, but his first battle was now with his brother. During a press conference Jake Paul stole Floyd Mayweather’s hat starting a massive brawl.

As the two superstars were arguing about setting up a fight, Jake Paul snatched Floyd Mayweather’s hat while saying “got your hat”. Immediately his security team jumped on Jake Paul and starting beating the life out of him. You could see Jake Paul just covering up to protect himself after his bold stunt.

It seems like the only thing Jake Paul did here was make things even worse for Logan Paul. Ticking off Floyd Mayweather is just going to make him go even harder on his brother during the fight.

However, you have to admire how brave Jake Paul is to pull that stunt with Floyd Mayweather’s security team of team of giants standing right there.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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