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The Dark Side of Marriage: Divorce Attorney James Sexton’s Thoughts on Love and Marriage Trend

James Sexton is a divorce lawyer who has seen it all. He has handled more than 1,000 divorce cases and has witnessed the most heartbreaking and shocking stories of marital breakdowns. He has also written a best-selling book, If You’re in My Office, You’re Already Too Late, where he shares his insights and advice on how to avoid divorce and make marriage work.

Why Divorce Lawyer James Sexton’s Thoughts on Love and Marriage is Going Viral

In a recent video interview with Soft White Underbelly, Sexton revealed some of the most disturbing and depressing aspects of his job, and his views on marriage. He also explained why he thinks marriage is a failing system, and why getting married doesn’t make sense for most people.

One of the most depressing divorce situations he encountered was a 92-year-old man who left his wife of over 60 years for a younger woman in her 50s. Sexton said he found it depressing, because it showed him that no matter what age a man is, his thoughts about women will always be controlled by his groin area.

He claimed that no matter what people say, a man values a woman’s attractiveness above all other qualities, which is a bad thing, because it means men will always think of women as objects, even at an older age.

Sexton also talked about how unfair divorces are, especially for men who have built up their wealth and success. He used an example of a case where a man who worked hard to build an investment company with a net worth of over $500 million, had to give up more than $300 million to his wife in the divorce, only because she slept with him for a while then stopped, and started sleeping with other people while she was getting her Botox treatments he was paying for.

Sexton said he didn’t blame the system, because he admitted he would milk it too if he was a woman. He compared women to stock investments, because their value decreases over time with age in the eyes of a man who mostly values their attractiveness, just like a stock can lose value over time if it’s just sitting there.

What Divorce Lawyer James Sexton Said About How All Marriages End is Truly Depressing

What was most interesting was Sexton’s depressing view of how all marriages end. He said that all marriages end in death or divorce, so marriage is one of the few things in life where people hope that death will be the reason it ends. He said that marriage is a failing system, and used statistics to back up his theory.

He cited the stats that state 56% of marriages in America end in divorce1. He then said another 20% of marriages are people who are just staying together for the sake of their kids, or because they don’t want to lose half their money. He then did the math, which means that about 76% of marriages in America are failing, or on the brink of failure.

What Divorce Attorney James Sexton Said Life Was Like After His Divorce

While Sexton had a lot of negative things to say about marriage, he also had some candid things to say about what life was like for him after he divorced his wife. According to his testimony, he was very ambitious after his divorce trying to sleep with as many women as possible.

However, he claims this quickly became a chore for him, and felt more like a job than fun. He compared it to when you like a food, but you eat so much of it you begin to hate eating that food, so when you do eat it is more like chore to finish it.

Sexton’s video interview has been trending on social media, as many people have been fascinated by his candid and controversial opinions on marriage. Some people have agreed with him, and shared their own stories of divorce, unhappy marriages, or what life was like after ending a long relationship.

Others have disagreed with him and defended their marriages or their beliefs in marriage. Some have also criticized him for being cynical and biased, as he only sees the worst cases of marriage and not the happy ones.

Whether you agree or disagree with Sexton, his video interview is definitely worth watching if you want to learn more about the dark side of marriage and what it takes to make it work.

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