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White College Girl Wears Bikini to Class and Almost Fights Black Teacher in Shocking Video

A video of a white college student wearing a bikini to her class, and getting into an argument with a black female teacher has gone viral on the internet. The video shows how a tense situation continued to boil over, until other students in the class became involved, and expressed how they felt about the situation at hand.

In the tense footage the teacher asks the student why she came to class in her bikini, and explaining how inappropriate it was. She went on to tell the student that she was going to have to call her mom, because she would have to be sent home.

The student didn’t budge, and even told the teacher that she didn’t mind if they called her mom. It was clear when she put on that bikini, she was likely anticipating that it would cause some issues.

As the argument continued, the teacher said, “You ain’t going to learn a lesson in my class. The lesson is to put clothes on in the morning when you come to school”. The teacher also accused the student of disrespecting her and the other students, while saying that she was not going to tolerate such behavior.

The student defended herself by saying that she was comfortable in her bikini, and that she had the right to wear whatever she wanted, as long she came to class prepared to learn. At one point it almost seemed like a fight might break out.

As the video was ending, some of the other students in the class became annoyed that the girl in the bikini was holding up class. One student expressed that he didn’t care what she had on, while another student asked the girl to put on some gym clothes so they could just get on with class. It is not known if the student actually was kicked out of the classroom after the footage goes off.

The video has sparked a lot of reactions online, with some people siding with the teacher and others with the student. Some people commented that the teacher was overreacting, and that the student was not harming anyone with her outfit.

Others said that the student was being rude and disrespectful, and that she should follow the dress code of the school.

Some also pointed out the racial dynamics of the situation, and how it reflected the different experiences and expectations of women that some people have based on color.

Part 2.

Who is right and wrong in this situation? The real answer to that question will all depend on what the official dress code of that college says is inappropriate.

If there is no rule against a college student wearing a bikini to class, it changes the dynamics of the encounter, to a situation where the professor was acting off her own personal beliefs of what is appropriate for her classroom.

However, if the student was violating the dress code, then the teacher was definitely doing the right thing by the book. Some people think it’s also possible that the whole video could be staged.

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