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Did Texas Ban Martin Luther King Speeches, Native American History, and Women’s Suffrage From Schools with ‘Anti-CRT’ Bill?

Is Texas Government racist? The state is in the midst of major controversy after a shocking Texas “Anti-CRT” legislation was passed on Friday. Theses new laws make it possible for public schools in Texas to ban Martin Luther King speeches, Native American history, Women’s suffrage, and Civil Rights teachings from school.

According to reports some of the most most prominent pillars of American History such as Susan. B Anthony, Cesar Chavez, and MLK are no longer required to be a part of public school curriculums in Texas. The (S.B. 3) bill was passed with a majority 18 to 4 vote, but it has been temporarily postponed due to a group of democrats being out of the state.

What Is the Critical Race Theory?

The Critical Race Theory is focuses on an academic movement by civil rights educators and activists that teaches students about how United States laws coincidence with issues of racism, and shaped the frameworks of society today. It also seeks to investigate how Americans described as “liberals” approach racial injustices throughout history. The new Texas “Anti-CRT” is direct opposition to this academic movement.

Once the new Texas bill is officially put into place public schools in Texas will be able to “whitewash” their curriculums by removing any mentions of color. They also won’t have teach kids about the dark history of white supremacy in America. In essence kids in Texas could have no idea how racism played a huge part in shaping how the USA is today. Naturally people are accusing the Texas government is racist, because of this shocking development in their educational system.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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