What are the Higher Risk Pregnancy Complications Da Brat Getting Pregnant at 48 Years Old Could Face?

Recently rapper Da Brat revealed she’s pregnant at the age of 48. In a viral photo, the rapper can be seen sharing an intimate moment with her girlfriend, Jesseca Harris-Dupart, as she cradles her baby bump. Da Brat had no idea that she would be able to get pregnant at her age, making the reveal all the more special. While the news is certainly joyous, it’s important to consider the risks that come with pregnancy at this age.

Is Da Brat Getting Pregnant at 48 Years Old Dangerous? Details Behind the Higher Risk Pregnancy Complications She Could Face

For starters it’s no secret that pregnancy carries certain risks at any age, but at 48 the chances of miscarriage, preterm labor, and preeclampsia are significantly higher. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, age 35 and up is considered “advanced maternal age”, and carries a higher risk for birth defects such as Down Syndrome. Women over 35 also have a greater likelihood of having a cesarean delivery and a higher risk for stillbirth.

In addition to the physical risks, being pregnant at 48 can be emotionally and psychologically draining. The hormonal shifts that come with pregnancy can be difficult to cope with at any age, but post-menopausal women may find them especially exhausting. Not only that, but the woman may suffer social stigma as she’s a “non-traditional” pregnant person. She may find herself surrounded by much younger mothers and feel excluded or out of place. Luckily Da Brat seems like a very mentally strong woman, so she will likely not having any issues with that.

Is Da Brat Getting Pregnant at 48 Years Old Dangerous? Details Behind the Higher Risk Pregnancy Complications She Could Face

The news of Da Brat’s pregnancy is sure to give hope to other women over the age of 40 who are hoping to conceive. Dr. David Levine, a fertility specialist in New York, notes that it’s not impossible to get pregnant at 48, but it’s important to seek medical advice and be aware of the risks.

“For women in their 40s, we advise using donor eggs, as the quality of their own eggs begins to decrease,” says Levine. “We also advise women to begin taking prenatal vitamins as soon as they start trying to conceive and to make sure their partner is healthy as well”.

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