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Man Shooting Dice with His Pet Dog Trying to Swindle Him Goes Viral

Dogs are known as man’s best friend for many reasons, the most important being how loyal they are to their owners. In many cases people become as close to their dogs as they would to a normal human being. That can lead to people doing the same activities they would with their homeboys, with their pet dog.

Man Shooting Dice with His Pet Dog Goes Viral

Shooting dice is an old game that dates back to Ancient Egypt. It involves two players rolling two, three, or four dice and betting on how high the two combined dice results add up. It’s a game of luck, and the idea is for the players to outsmart and outwit one another.

The viral video showed a man playing dice with his pet dog. The dog seemed to understand the game, and even held money between its toes, which it would bet in the game. The dog even appeared to get mad after it lost, which some viewers found amusing. How the dog understood the game is unclear, but it’s likely that the man had trained it to respond to certain cues, such as picking up the dice and throwing them out on the ground.

What’s interesting about the video is that it hints at a dog’s natural instincts. Dogs are known for having an incredible sense of smell, and the ability to recognize certain objects, and this could explain why the pet in the video was able to understand the game of shooting dice. It’s likely that it had been trained to pick up the cues from the man, and would respond accordingly.