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New Life Sized Doll with Realistic BBL Backside Physics Technology Has Some Men Calling Out Real Women

A life size doll with a realistic butt that moves like a real woman who had BBL surgery is going viral on social media. The doll, which has been nicknamed “Veronica” by social media users, has some men claiming that real women are finished. Some men claim the new life size doll has a body so realistic it can make them forget that real women exist.

The ‘Veronica’ doll is not a typical toy. It is a sophisticated device that can mimic human movements without the need for robotics. It can also respond to touch in a way that looks real, because of how it jiggles. The doll in the footage is designed to look like a young asian woman, with long dark hair, and a curvy figure.

The doll’s skin is made of silicone, which allegedly feels soft and smooth to the touch. The doll’s joints are allegedly flexible and can be positioned in various ways. In the video the doll was positioned like an IG model taking thirst trap pictures on a couch. The man in the video slaps the doll’s butt to show how realistically it moves from a physics standpoint.

The ‘Veronica’ doll is allegedly marketed as a companion for lonely men who want to experience intimacy and romance. The doll is theorized to provide emotional support and imaginary affection to its owner. It’s alleged doll can also be customized to suit the preferences of the buyer, such as hair color, eye color, and skin tone.

The ‘Veronica’ doll has sparked a heated debate on social media, with some men praising the doll as a revolutionary invention, and some women condemning the doll as a threat to their dignity and rights. One of the most controversial comments came from a man who said: “Oh Yeah ya’ll women are finished. Go ahead, and get an attitude if you want to. Finna pull out Veronica, and forget you even exist”.

New Life Sized Doll with Realistic BBL Butt Dubbed 'Veronica' Has Some Men Claiming Real Women are Finished
Image Credit: Twitter

However, not everyone is impressed by the ‘Veronica’ doll. Some women have expressed their outrage and disgust at the doll, calling it a degrading and objectifying product. They argue that the doll reinforces unrealistic and harmful standards of beauty and femininity. They also fear that the doll will make some men lose interest in real women, who may have flaws, emotions, and opinions.

The ‘Veronica’ doll is not the first of its kind. There are other similar products on the market, such as the ‘Harmony’ doll and the ‘Samantha’ doll. However, the ‘Veronica’ doll seems to have gained more attention, and popularity due to its advanced jiggling features, and realistic appearance.

All in all if you have to come a point in life where you feel the need to have the companionship of a life sized doll for intimacy, there may be other issues you need handle first. To each their own though, people shouldn’t judge.