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Strange Cursing Dialogue in Saints Row Reboot 2022 Goes Viral as Bad Reviews Pour In

It’s been about ten years since the classic Saints Row IV was released that is still one of the most enjoyable open world games ever. Unlike the GTA franchise Saints Row is the type of game where people seem to either hate or love it with no in between. Not surprisingly the new Saints Reboot set to officially release on August 23 is getting bad reviews, but is probably still more fun than most games out right now. However, there is something very peculiar about how the characters talk in the game.

Details About the Strange Cursing Dialogue in Saints Row Reboot 2022

Those familiar with the Saints Row franchise probably know how much dialogue plays a role in building the atmosphere of the game. Saints Row was one of those franchises that once not afraid to have controversial yet funny comments throughout the game, but that was back in 2013 when everyone wasn’t trying to be politically correct. It seems now Saints Row is trying to cater to the new generation of gamers by toning down the controversial language, and replacing with an excessive amount of empty pointless cursing.

As you’ll hear in the Saints Row reboot gameplay video below there is a lot of the F word being said when playing through the game this year. It seems your character will say things like ‘what the f**’, ‘what the actual f***’, ‘what the actual goddamn f***’, ‘what the actual goddamn motherf***ing f**’, ‘crap crap crap s*** goddamn f***’ s*** f***ing crap s*** f***’ over and over again as you drive. There was no music playing while person was driving during the gameplay footage, but he turned it off to avoid copyright claims. Hopefully with the music on it will make the incessant cursing in Saints Row reboot more tolerable.

Take a listen to Saints Row Reboot dialogue full of cursing with no purpose.

Why are Saints Row Reboot Reviews So Bad?

Across the internet game review companies have given Saints Row Reboot bad reviews for various reasons. Some complaints that we have noticed are consistent in these reviews are claims the game feels like an outdated open world game, which is interesting because Saints Row IV was released in 2013, and still doesn’t feel outdated. In addition there are complaints about the storyline having no real direction, and the game being too “woke”.

With that said as we mentioned before Saints Row is the type of game where people either hate or love it, so you should definitely ignore reviews until you have played the game yourself. Saints Row Reboot brings back co-op mode after completing the first two missions, so that alone makes it worth playing. The dialogue is horrific though, no doubt.

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