When most people think of a judge there’s a specific way most people would assume they look in terms of attire. In most cases judges wear a type of black robe. How would you feel if on the day you’re being sentenced the judge shows up looking like they just woke up from partying too hard the night before? A situation going viral in Colombia has made that a reality for one unlucky man.

Video Shows Colombian Judge Vivian Polania Half Naked During Zoom Court Hearing

Judge Vivian Polonia does not look like the typical judge you would see, in a America at least. She has tattoos all over her body, and takes provocative pictures on social media. Recently she went viral for what many people have deemed the most unprofessional moment related to a judge this year. Zoom Court Hearing footage shows that Judge Vivian Polania showed up half naked in bed. She was also smoking a cigarette, and looked she would doze off at any moment. Some people think she looked high as well.

Imagine your fate being in the hands of someone who looks this out of it.

Could a Judge Vivian Polania OnlyFans Leak Be on the Horizon?

Amidst the backlash from the ordeal Judge Vivian Polania was allegedly fired or suspended from her job. Many people feel she could now have a lucrative future in the OnlyFans realm due to content she already has on social media. On her alleged @vivianpolaniaf3 twitter page she already has pictures that have people thirsting for her to start leaking content on the platform for a subscription fee.

Image Credit: Twitter

How Suspended Judge Vivian Polania Reacted to Her Half Nude Zoom Court Hearing Video Backlash

Through several retweets Judge Vivian Polina has responded to the controversial situation she’s caught in. One post she retweeted contained a message saying “One positive thing for Judge Vivian Polanía is that with all this scandal, and persecution to which she has been subjected, no fault has been found in her judicial decisions”. It seems she wants people to judge her based off her track record, and not off her appearance in the Zoom court hearing video.

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