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Video Shows Male CVS or Walgreens Security Guard Sucker Punching Homeless Woman for No Reason

A widely circulated video of a male CVS or Walgreens security guard attacking a homeless woman has recently gone viral, causing a stir among social media users. The video, which was recorded by an onlooker, shows the guard sucker punching the homeless woman in the face, without warning, and then standing back and watching her reaction.

The incident has prompted an outpouring of outrage from people across the country, calling for the security guard to be fired. The video highlights a wider issue of how homeless individuals are treated by those in positions of power. In this case, it appears that the homeless woman was simply trying to survive by looking for some cheap items inside the store, yet the guard felt it necessary to physically assault her with no provocation.

The video also reveals a commendable response on the part of the homeless woman. Despite being unexpectedly attacked, she remained calm and collected, not responding with aggression or even anger. She has a chin stronger than some boxers. This has been praised by many social media users, noting that it is more than most people would have done in her situation.

Overall, the video reveals a concerning attitude on the part of the security guard, and yet also an inspiring response from the homeless woman. It has highlighted an ongoing issue with the treatment of homeless individuals, and may lead to further discussion and action as to how they should be treated.

It also serves as a reminder to those in positions of power that their actions have consequences, and that they should always show respect to those they encounter in their daily lives.