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Did Military Helicopters Release Biological Weapon ‘Operation Big Buzz’ at Isley Brothers’ Concert in Baltimore Maryland?

Recently thousands of fans gathered in Baltimore, Maryland, to enjoy a live performance by the legendary Isley Brothers. The concert was expected to be a memorable night of music and fireworks. However, things took a bizarre turn when several military helicopters flew over the stadium, followed by a massive swarm of insects that invaded the area, which fueled a wave of conspiracy theories.

Was the Insect Swarm at Isley Brothers’ Show Caused by Biological Weapon ‘Operation Big Buzz’?

The incident sparked panic and confusion among the concertgoers, who tried to escape the bugs and the noise. Some people reported feeling sick or having allergic reactions to the insect bites.

In the footage you can see people rubbing their skin and itching due to the insects biting their skin. There doesn’t seem to be any official details about what type of insects were in the swarm, but it appears they may have been a mosquito species.

According to reports authorities have allegedly claimed that the helicopters were part of a routine training exercise, and that the insects were likely a natural phenomenon caused by the warm weather and the nearby water sources. They allegedly assured the public that there was no danger. However, not everyone was convinced by the official explanation.

Soon, a viral conspiracy theory emerged on social media, claiming that the military had released biological weapons during the Isley Brothers’ show as part of a secret experiment.

The theory alleged that the helicopters had sprayed a chemical agent over the stadium that attracted the insects to the area, creating a perfect cover for testing the effects of a biological weapon on a large crowd.

Another theory is that insects were actually the biological weapon ‘Operation Big Buzz’. According to history books it was first tested in Savannah Georgia in 1955. The test involved finding the most efficient ways to release 300,000 mosquitoes from aircrafts or ground dispersal methods. Would the military really try using this weapon on a large crowd during a concert?

The conspiracy theory gained traction among some online communities, especially those who distrust the government. Some conspiracy theorists who were allegedly at the concert even claimed that the insect specimens looked abnormally large, or mutated. They also accused the mainstream media of covering up the truth, and spreading misinformation to protect the military and their agenda.

The Operation Big Buzz Isley Brothers Concert Conspiracy Coincides with Report of United States Allegedly Destroying All their Chemical Weapons

According to recent reports US has completed the destruction of its declared stockpile of chemical weapons, which once comprised more than 30,000 tons of agents dating back to World War I. This marks a historic milestone for the Chemical Weapons Convention, which the US ratified in 1997 along with 120 other countries.

The last weapon, a sarin-filled rocket, was destroyed at the Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky on July 7, 2023. The total cost of the destruction program was estimated at $42 billion over more than 30 years.

The US also destroyed its biological weapons, which are much cheaper and easier to produce than chemical or nuclear weapons. The US renounced biological warfare in 1969 and ratified the Biological Weapons Convention in 1975. The US had stockpiled about 5,000 bombs containing anthrax and other agents, which were incinerated or buried by 1973.

Was that sudden influx of annoying bugs really just a natural phenomenon, or something more sinister? It’s really interesting that the ‘Operation Big Buzz’ Isley Brothers concert conspiracy theory is viral around the same time of the report that US has allegedly finally finished destroying all their chemical weapons.

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