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Does Stephen Curry Hate LaMelo Ball? Why Did Steph Curry Refuse to Shake LaMelo Ball Hand?

Does Stephen Curry hate LaMelo Ball? Back on February 26th, Warriors had a heated matchup with Hornets, in which LaMelo Ball and Steph Curry seemed to have a very personal game within the game. Even when the game was basically out of reach for the Hornets LaMelo Ball was pestering Steph Curry with phenomenal defense.

Usually older NBA players praise rookies that show hustle and effort, even when it’s their opponent. However, in this case Stephen Curry seemed to be getting very agitated with LaMelo scoring on him and forcing him into turnovers. It almost seemed like there was animosity between them. It all culminated with Stephen Curry refusing to shake LaMelo Ball’s hand, or so it seemed.


The Reason Stephen Curry Might Hate LaMelo Ball

Remember when Lavar Ball said Lonzo Ball is better than Stephen Curry? That ended up being a completely false statement besides defense, but one Steph Curry never forgot nonetheless. However, when you bring LaMelo Ball into this discussion he really could be considered a better player than Stephen Curry in the near future. This might be the root cause of any animosity between them.

All things considered the main takeaway from that video should be that LaMelo Ball proved all the doubters wrong who said he would be lazy player in the NBA. He actually hustles more than any rookie ever seen in recent times.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff