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Details on Why People Think Walt Disney is Coming Back To Life in 2021

Walt Disney died 55 years ago, but before he died scientists developed a system that would presumably be able to bring him back to life at some point in the future. That time has possibly come near in 2021 according to recent reports.

How Walt Disney is Coming Back to Life in 2021

On December 15, 1956 Walt Disney died from a battle with lung cancer, a month after having surgery for the ailment. Using his massive fortune and help from Cryonics Institute Walt Disney’s body was frozen in a cryogenic chamber, and has been stored there for the past 55 years. The goal was to reanimate Walt Disney’s frozen body when doctors had developed better treatment for his lung cancer condition, and the technology to successfully bring him back to life.

Fast forward to 2021, and medical science has improved vastly for lung cancer patients. In addition an experimental reanimation procedure has also been developed. As result in December 2021 the complicated task of thawing Walt Disney’s frozen body, and bringing him back to life will begin.

This cool video gives you a tour of Cryonics Institute where Walt Disney’s frozen body has been persevered perfectly.

If Cryonics Institute brings Walt Disney back to life, it would be a historical moment in science history, and change the prospect of death for many wealthy people. At the same time it would be super creepy to see a man who has been dead for the past 55 years to be walking around alive and well again.

Would that be the same thing as a zombie?

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