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Uzzy Marcus Brother Shoots and Kills Two Women on IG live and Talks Over Their Dead Bodies

The hip-hop world is in a state of shock after Uzzy Marcus’ brother killed two women on IG live and talked over their dead bodies. His brother is California Rapper RINO RAYMOND aka Zino.

After committing the double murder Uzzy Marcus’ brother went on IG Live again with the dead bodies of both women, and blamed him for it. He was also holding the gun that was allegedly used to shoot them.

Shortly after the video went viral, Vacaville police showed up to his apartment and arrested him. Take a look at a photo and clip from the IG Live below.

RINO RAYMOND aka Zino Allegedly Holding the Gun He Used to Murder Two Women

When RINO RAYMOND aka Zino was on IG Live with the two dead bodies of the women he murdered, he already knew he was about to get arrested. That’s why in the clip above he says “Pray for me”.

He blamed his brother UZZY MARCUS for what happened in the full video, which is too graphic to show. In the footage he was actually stooping over the two dead bodies.

This might be one of the craziest murder stories ever in hip-hop history.

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