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Dustin Diamond Screech $ex Tape Goes Viral After His Sad Death

Did you know there is a Dustin Diamond Screech $ex Tape? After his untimely death at 44 years old it is going viral again.

In 2006 Dustin Diamond’s Save by the Bell themed Screech $extape was released under the name “Screeched – Saved by the Smell“. This wasn’t just any normal homemade Dustin Diamond $ex tape, it was was professionally directed by himself using the experience of his acting career.

There was one other small catch about this $extape that also made it unique.

In the Dustin Diamond Screech $extape he used a stunt double that looked exactly like him. He unintentionally or intentionally tricked people for some time allowing them to believe it was actually him, but he revealed the secret behind it in an interview with Oprah.

Only Dustin Diamond would be crazy enough to make a Saved By the Bell themed $ex Tape with his Screech character being played by a stunt double.

RIP Dustin Diamond aka Screech.

Author: JordanThrilla

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