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Woman Who Became Housewife Using Kevin Samuels’ Advice Responds to Backlash From Women

Kevin Samuels is dead, but the words from his many videos live on forever. One of the aspects of relationships between men and women he used to focus on was telling women how they should act if they wanted score a ‘high value man’. His advice went against the grain of the ‘independent woman’ movement that society promotes in this time period. However, some women are now listening to Kevin Samuels’ advice, and naturally it has caused controversy.

Woman Becomes Housewife Using Kevin Samuels’ Advice Then Responds to Backlash From Women

A recently married woman named Allie appeared in a TikTok video posted by TikToker ‘justpearlythings’ where she explained how she landed a ‘high value man’. Apparently Ally took Kevin Samuels’ advice and became a housewife who is submissive and feminine. Her full time job is now being a housewife who loves her husband, which she says other women should embrace. Now she’s happier than ever due to the new way she acts for her husband. Take a listen to her testimony.

Allie received backlash from women for taking Kevin Samuels advice, but she responded by saying she doesn’t understand what’s wrong with her situation. She explained that she gets smashed regularly, is fully paid, and has her own economy. Essentially in her mind she’s living a perfect carefree life by being a housewife, but is she setting a bad example for women? Take a listen to her response to women who disagree with her new lifestyle.

Women have been fighting for ages to change the views of how their worth in society is perceived. There was once a time when women had no choice but to be a housewife for a man. However, there’s a difference between willingly being a housewife, and being one because society forces it upon you. Since Ally willingly became a housewife using Kevin Samuels’ advice there’s really nothing wrong with that, because she is happy.