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OnlyFans Leak Leads to Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH Suing Her Ex-Boyfriend For $6.3 Billion in Hacking Scandal

Revenge p0rn is a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world. It involves the non-consensual distribution of intimate images or videos, often by an ex-partner or someone with malicious intent. Revenge p0rn can have devastating consequences for the victims, such as emotional distress, loss of privacy, reputation damage, harassment, blackmail and even violence.

Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH OnlyFans $ex Tape Leaks Leads to $6.3 Billion Hacking Scandal Lawsuit Against Her Ex-Boyfriend

One of the victims of revenge p0rn is allegedly Mikayla Saravia, a 25-year-old OnlyFans model from Florida who is known for her long tongue and her online alias KKVSH (KKVSHfeet). Saravia has amassed over 8 million followers on Instagram and over 655,000 followers on Twitter, where she promotes her OnlyFans content. She has two accounts on OnlyFans: one that is free and another that is more explicit and requires a $30 monthly subscription.

Saravia claims that her ex-boyfriend Nicholas Hunter, 27, hacked into her social media accounts and leaked graphic images and videos of her without her consent after they broke up in October 2022. According to a federal lawsuit filed by Saravia last week, Hunter changed the passwords to her accounts and used them to sell $exually explicit content that he had obtained during their five-year relationship.

Revenge p0rn is a serious form of online abuse that affects millions of people, especially women and LGBTQ+ individuals. According to a study by the Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, 23% of respondents were victims of revenge p0rn, meaning their $exually explicit images or videos were shared online without their consent by someone they trusted.

In the United States, 48 states plus Washington D.C. and Guam have criminalized revenge p0rn, but the legal landscape is still evolving and challenging. Victims often face difficulties in removing the content from the internet, obtaining justice from the perpetrators, and receiving adequate support and resources.

There’s an old saying that says once something is on the internet, it’s on there forever. Unfortunately that may be the case for Mikayla Saravia aka KKVSH’s OnlyFans $ex tape leaks even if she does win this lawsuit.