San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

In the multicultural melting pot that is United States stereotypes are something people of all races have to deal with. The infamous S word is described as a widely held oversimplified belief about a specific person, thing, or group based on anecdotal evidence. Stereotypes are dangerous, because they usually have more influence on people’s beliefs than actual facts. On social media Mexicans who were tired of hearing stereotypes about their culture took a moment to explain how they are battling the stereotypes that plague them in society.

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‘Breaking Mexican Stereotypes’ Confessions Go Viral on Social Media

Most people have heard at least one Mexican stereotype in their lifetime. Even in the music industry the impact of these false beliefs can be seen. For example not too long ago Tyga got in trouble for making a video based on Mexican stereotypes. Today on Twitter a trend involving Mexicans revealing how they are “Breaking Mexican Stereotypes” went viral. It all started with one tweet saying “Breaking Mexican Stereotypes by working hard”.

Tweet that Started “Breaking Mexico Stereotypes” Trend
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