Have you ever watched a movie then realized there is an important piece of information you never noticed until years later? This often times happens with Disney movies where they often connect movies together in the most not so noticeable way. Recently it was discovered there is connection between Lion King and Hercules.

Was Scar From Lion King in Hercules Movie?

Lion King is often touted as the greatest Disney cartoon movie of all time. The legendary film has been watched by almost every generation, and even had a real life version made, which of course was nothing compared to the original. One of the most iconic characters from the movie was the evil lion Scar who murdered Simba’s father. In some ways the Hercules movie shows that he got the karma he deserved in a very inhumane way that PETA would not approve of.

Apparently it’s highly possible Scar from Lion King is in the Hercules movie in the form of a clothing accessory. If you look closely Hercules wore Scar as a headpiece during the movie. It’s not clear how this works, but both movies would have to be set in the same relative time period, because Hercules headpiece looks exactly like Scar who had a very unique look. You can even see the scar over his left eye. Take a look, and you be the judge.

Did Hercules Kill Scar from Lion King?

If you’ve watched the movie Lion King then you probably have seen the scene where it appeared the Hyenas murdered and ate Scar after learning he lost a fight to Simba. However, that would make it impossible for Scar to be in the Hercules movie, but clearly he was. Does this mean he survived that attack, and it was actually Hercules who murdered scar? Or did he find Scar’s dead body after the Hyenas got finished with him? So many unanswered questions as result of this new discovery.

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