The Big Mac is one of McDonald’s oldest sandwiches, and naturally one of their most popular. The sandwich is famous for having an extra piece of bread in the center, which sits between to slabs of beef. While many people like the added touch, some people feel it actually ruins the taste, and overall enjoyment of eating the sandwich. However, one man revealed a secret Big Mac Hack that might change the future of the sandwich forever.

Secret Big Mac Hack? Man Shows Secret Way to Make a Big Mac Taste Better by Removing Top Off and Flipping

One major complaint some people have about the Big Mac is that there’s just too much bread. When a sandwich has too much bread it can sometimes be very frustrating to chew, or get stuck to your gums. Sometimes less is more, and one man discovered that applies to how a Big Mac should be eaten. His Big Mac hack is very simple, but also complex in some ways. It relies on the strange design of the sandwich to make what’s basically like a premium double cheeseburger.

On each Big Mac there is one slab beef at the bottom that is basically the first part of sandwich. Stacked on top of it is another slab beef that’s covered with the usual toppings, and a third piece of bread. The bread at the top is the extra piece that’s not needed. Based on the video if you remove that top piece of bread, then flip the second piece of bread over you have a much thinner sandwich with all the same goodness except that unnecessary piece of bread. Naturally this man’s Big Mac hack has gone viral.

Step 1 remove the top of the Big Mac.

Big Mac Hack Step 1

Step 2 flip the second piece of bread, and you have a much better looking Big Mac, or maybe it should be called a Semi-Big Mac.

Big Mac Hack Step 2

Here’s the Big Mac hack in full motion.

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