Woman Almost Breaks Her Neck Doing Crate Challenge at Lil Boosie House for $5K. YK Osiris does crate challenge for Lil Boosie almost breaks his back. Lil Boosie son injures his leg

Lil Boosie is back in the news for more controversy, but this time it doesn’t involve dissing the LGBTQ community. A viral video shows a woman almost breaking her neck, and Lil Boosie’s son injuring his leg trying to do the crate challenge at Lil Boosie house.

The chaos all started when Lil Boosie offered $5K to anyone who could do the crate challenge successfully. This brave woman almost completed the task before she fell head first into the ground. It’s not known if she was seriously injured, but you could see she was having trouble getting up before the video ended. The bystanders seemed very scared for her health.

It looked like Lil Boosie’s son broke his leg doing the crate challenge, but it could have just been a sprain.

Here you can see how Lil Boosie’s son broke his leg doing the crate challenge, or so it seems. He was writhing in pain on the ground after he fell.

That woman and Lil Boosie’s son weren’t the only ones who got injured. YK Osiris did the crate challenge for Lil Boosie, and almost broke his back.

On a list of the most dangerous social media trends ever, the crate challenge would make the top 5. It just looks like an accident waiting to happen, but that’s what makes it so popular. There’s probably an adrenaline rush involved in it all.

Would you risk it all to do the crate challenge for $5,000 from Lil Boosie?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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