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Is Millie Bobby Brown a Flat Earther? Video of Eleven from Stranger Things Saying the Earth is Flat Goes Viral

Is the earth Flat or Round? In recent years this is a strange question that that has given birth to one of the most viral conspiracy theories in human history. For millions of people around the world the scientific evidence that Earth is a sphere shape object is all a façade to hide the real truth. People who believe this conspiracy theory are convinced there is ample evidence the Earth is Flat, and apparently the star of Stranger Things is one of those people.

Is Eleven from Stranger Things a Flat Earther? Video of Millie Bobby Brown Saying the Earth is Flat Goes Viral

In a viral IG live video Millie Bobby Brown appears to be adamantly claiming the earth is flat. In the footage she implored her fans to think deeply about the shape of the earth. Although it wasn’t shown in the video it appears she has done some research to come to the strange conclusion.

During the footage she acknowledged that she’s a bit fearful that talking about the earth being flat could get her banned from Instagram. That goes along with the belief that the powers that be are trying to suppress people who have discovered the earth is flat.

Who would have guessed that Eleven from Stranger Things is a flat earther. When you really think about it, actually it isn’t that surprising considering Eleven can defy the laws of physics. Maybe she does really know secrets about the Earth’s shape the average person doesn’t.

It’s safe to say that Kyrie Irving and Millie Bobby Brown would definitely get along if they ever met.

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