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How YNG Cheese’s Shooting Death is a Tragic Case of Deja Vu for Gillie Da Kid

Deja vu is a French term that literally means “already seen”. It refers to the phenomenon of having a strong sense of familiarity with a situation that one has never experienced before. Deja vu is not a memory, but a feeling of recognition that is often accompanied by a sense of strangeness or eeriness. There are different theories about the causes and mechanisms of Deja vu, but none of them are conclusive.

With the death of 25 year old YNG Cheese a rising rap star from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who is the son of Gillie Da Kid, people are remembering a situation from three years ago that makes it seem like Deja Vu for his dad. Back then Gillie Da Kid had some things to say about another young rapper who lost his life too soon.

Details About YNG Cheese’s Murder

According to NBC news the shooting happened around 8:30 pm on Mascher Street. YNG Cheese was shot once in his back, and died from his wounds. There were reportedly other people hurt in the shooting, but he was the only death reported. At the moment investigators claim there is no known motive, and have not made any arrests. The shooter is still at large, which has fueled many conspiracy theories on why Gillie Da Kid’s son would be a target.

How YNG Cheese’s Death is a Tragic Case of Deja Vu for Gillie Da Kid

When the news of King Von’s death broke in 2020 it had a profound affect on many members of the Hip-hop community, especially the older and wiser rappers. Gillie Da Kid reacted to King Von’s death with a speech about winning rappers getting killed at young ages. He got really introspective, as he preacher to the younger generation.

Back then Gillie Da Kid explained how he feels King Von’s death is the result of a young rapper getting into the gang lifestyle way too early in life. Gillie Da Kid made a plea to young rappers that the goal should be to live a long life, so you can see your kids do great things in their life. As we all know no parent wants to go through burying their child, and when these young rappers die their parents are left dealing with that pain as well.

Near the end of his speech about King Von dying, Gillie Da Kid called out people who post messages on social media after a rappers die, saying they don’t really care once the moment isn’t viral anymore.

He is referring to the trend of people acting like they were fans of rapper when they pass away, but when you look through their social media history they never really even mentioned those rappers when they were alive. In fancy terms that could be consider “virtue signaling” in some ways.

At the core of his message Gillie Da Kid emphasized that their is nothing glorious about dying young under any circumstances. He feels the world does not want to see rappers win, which is why some the most successful upcoming rappers seem to be the victims of shootings in hip-hop.

Take a listen to Gillie in 2020 reacting to King Von’s death.

Now three years later his son YNG Cheese who was a successful rapper has died young at the hands of gun violence as well. Just like King Von’s death in 2020, it has become one of the hottest topics on social media with countless people posting their well wishes such as Stephen Jackson.

On the surface in some ways it seems like all the things Gillie was trying to tell people in 2020, happened to his son, which is too sad. Now he is going through the same thing King Von’s parents went through, after giving a speech about him.

How YNG Cheese's Shooting Death is a Tragic Case of Deja Vu for Gillie Da Kid
Could YNG Cheese’s Death Be Considered a Tragic Case of Deja-Vu for Gillie Da Kid?
How YNG Cheese's Shooting Death is a Tragic Case of Deja Vu for Gillie Da Kid
Would Gillie Da Kid Feel that People Posting About His Son’s Death are Only Doing So Because it’s Viral?

When Gillie Da Kid was giving that speech about rappers dying young in 2020, his son was around 22 years old. Never in a million years could anyone have guessed that just about 3 years later he would be experiencing the same things he talked about. That seems like a sad cruel case of Deja-Vu.

Prayers up for Gillie Da Kid. RIP YNG Cheese.

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