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Leaked Video Shows King Von Escaping Handcuffs to Beat Up Handcuffed Rival in Prison Fight Allegedly

A leaked video has surfaced online that allegedly shows the late rapper King Von assaulting one of his rivals while in prison. The video, which was reportedly recorded in 2017, shows King Von and several other inmates in a small cell, all handcuffed and surrounded by security guards.

However, with the help of one of his allies who appeared to know how to pick the lock, King Von managed to slip out of his handcuffs and attack his enemy, who was still restrained and unable to defend himself. The fight only lasted a few seconds before the guards intervened and separated the two.

The video has sparked mixed reactions from fans and critics of King Von, who was shot and killed in November 2020 outside an Atlanta nightclub. Many people thought it was unfair to fight someone who was still in handcuffs.

King Von, whose real name was Dayvon Bennett, was known for his rap career and his involvement in the Chicago drill scene. He was also affiliated with the Black Disciples gang and had several feuds with rival gangs and rappers.

King Von had a history of legal troubles and spent several years in prison for various charges, including murder, attempted murder, and robbery. He was released from jail in 2019 after beating a murder case and signed a record deal with Lil Durk’s label, Only the Family.

King Von rose to fame with his hit songs such as “Crazy Story”, “Took Her to the O”, and “The Code”. He released his debut album, Welcome to O’Block, in October 2020, which peaked at number five on the Billboard 200 chart. He was considered one of the most promising rappers of his generation before his untimely death.

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