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Did Meek Mill Confirm that Record Executive Robert Starbuck’s Conspiracy Theory on Why Rappers Keep Dying is Correct?

It’s no secret that hip-hop artists are dying an at alarming rate, especially in comparison to other genres of music. Throughout the years many people have been trying to figure out why there is so much death and despair in a music genre that was once all about promoting positive things in its beginnings. When Takeoff died, a former record executive spoke out and exposed why he believes these type of situations keep happening. Now many months later, Meek Mill may have publicly confirmed what he said is true.

Details on How Record Executive Robert Starbuck Exposed the Rap Industry after Migos Takeoff’s Murder

Robert Starbuck is a former record executive who claims to have worked with big name hip-hop artists such as Gucci Mane. He no longer works in rap industry due to his political beliefs, but in wake of Takeoff’s death he decided to speak out, and reveal the truth about why rappers keep dying. According to his statement the root of the issue is actually the higher ups in the rap industry aka other executives, or the “elites”.

Robert Starbuck claims that record executives in the hip-hop industry are purposely promoting a culture that leads to an obsession with death, drugs, and sex. His statement is easy to understand when you think about the fact that 99% of hip-hop music glorifies those three things.

In his opinion this leads to a toxic culture that holds the black community back, and leads to black on black on crime. He wants people to notice that record executives never push this type of culture onto their own kind. Interestingly enough this is one of things Kanye West talked about in his rants that sparked controversy.

Robert Starbuck claims that the image most rappers portray to the public is a façade that the record executives promote. He challenged them to step up to the plate, and start being who they are behind closed doors to bring about a positive change to the current state of the rap industry.

How Meek Mill Indirectly Confirmed What Robert Starbuck said is True

Recently Meek Mill went viral for saying something that should be very eye opening to us as hip-hop fans. Meek Mill claimed that the elites in the industry pay rappers more to rap and promote “ignorant stuff”.

While speaking at an NAACP convention the superstar rapper said, “Before, I wasn’t on stages like this. I was on rap stages. Rapping about, you know, violence and guns. We get paid to rap about that stuff. They actually pay us more when we rap about more ignorant stuff. So I make sure I even the line and come talk on stages like this”.

When you look at record sales historically over the past 20 years, the rappers who make positive music usually are also the artists that sell the least records. When you take that into account it could mean that we as consumers of rap music have been brainwashed into liking the “ignorant stuff” as Meek Mill said, or the industry purposely makes it easier for us to access that “ignorant stuff”.

Essentially based on what Meek Mill and Robert Starbuck are saying, the elites in the hip-hop industry are systemically trying to destroy the black community or slow down progress, while also profiting off it.

If rapping about negative things was considered lame, and hip-hop made using guns uncool, would rappers still be dying left and right, or getting locked for crimes?

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