Meek Mill is one of the best rappers of all time, which means he has a pretty robust vocabulary. Still yet there are some words he has never heard before. Today on social media the word “neurodivergent” came across his timeline, and led to a funny response.

Details on Why Meek Mill’s Reaction to the Word “Neurodivergent” Went Viral

Meek Mill is one of the most honest and open superstars when it comes to talking to his fans. On Twitter he decided to do an AMA using the hashtag #AskMeek. One fan asked Meek Mill if he was “neurodivergent”. He responded saying, “We ain’t never use that word in the trenches what’s that?”. His response instantly went viral due to how funny it was. This is why Meek Mill should be considered a national treasure.


What Does Neurodivergent Mean?

The word Neurodivergent is basically a fancy way of saying someone has some type of mental issue. According to Oxford Dictionary neurodivergent refers to person that has mental or neurological function that is consider atypical. For example someone with autism would be considered neuordivergent.

In that sense the person that asked Meek Mill the question may have actually been dissing him lowkey, so it’s a good thing he didn’t know what it meant.

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