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Here’s Why Some People Think George Floyd’s Baby Mother Will Lose $250 Million Lawsuit Against Kanye West

Kanye West is at the center of a major lawsuit over his thoughts about the death of George Floyd. Recently during a Drink Champs interview Kanye West said that he believes George Floyd death was the result of a Fentanyl overdose. In the viral footage Kanye West claimed that if you watch the video of George Floyd’s death closely that you’ll notice Derek Chauvin’s knee wasn’t on his neck. He believes you can see the police officers secretly slip George Floyd Fentanyl, which caused him to suddenly die. He came to this conclusion after watching Candace Owens’ George Floyd documentary.

His conspiracy theory was fueled by comments from Hennepin County Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Andrew Baker who testified during the trial that George Floyd had used Fentanyl in the past, and that the drug along with his heart disease may have contributed to his death, but wasn’t the direct cause. The official cause of George Floyd’s death was Derek Chauvin kneeing in his neck for over 9 minutes, which disrupted the flow of oxygen and blood to his brain.

According to recent reports the mother of George Floyd’s daughter Gianna is suing Kanye West in a massive $250 Million Lawsuit. They have hired Witherspoon Law Group and Dixon & Dixon Attorneys at Law to help with court proceedings. Court documents state that George Floyd’s baby mama is accusing Kanye West of making false statements of George Floyd’s death to promote his brand and marketing value. In addition the lawsuit states that George Floyd’s daughter Gianna has been traumatized by his comments. Drink Champs has taken down the interview, but clips of Kanye West’s George Floyd Fentanyl conspiracy theory are still viral on social media platforms like twitter.

Details on Why Some People Think George Floyd’s Family Will Lose $250 Million Lawsuit Against Kanye West

Some people are already claiming that George Floyd’s baby mother’s lawsuit against Kanye West is an attack on freedom of speech. During the interview it seemed like Kanye West was only stating his opinion of what he thought happened based off evidence he learned from Candace Owens’ documentary on the matter. Also some people believe the lawsuit was filed too soon, and compared it to how families who won the Alex Jones’ lawsuit had to prove that they had been harassed for years because of his comments.

Essentially the people who think the lawsuit might fail think that George Floyd’s family should have let Kanye West dig a deeper legal hole for himself by waiting for him to speak on the topic again, and promote the same fentanyl conspiracy theory.

Kanye West is worth over $1 Billion, so he has limitless funds to battle the lawsuit, which is why he probably wasn’t scared of the consequences his comments might bring. George Floyd’s family has reportedly issued a cease and desist letter to him, so if he talks about his death again then that would be proof he really is ready for the legal smoke the lawsuit is going to bring his way.

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