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Charleston White Snitching on Soulja Boy to Get Him Hit with RICO Charges?

Recently Charleston White went viral after an alleged altercation with Soulja Boy’s crew at Rolling Loud Miami. According to the reports Soulja Boy and 10 members of his crew pulled up on Charleston White in Miami, and things got very hectic. According to the allegations Soulja Boy’s crew started fighting Charleston White, then he started spraying everyone with mace in self defense. The alleged altercation allegedly happened at Rolling Loud Miami 2022 near Collins Ave.

After reports of their altercation in a viral IG Live video a bullet proof vest wearing Charleston White declared war against all gangs saying “I’m taking the Crips, Bloods, and all the gang bangers to war. I’m dissing their set, I’m dissing their dead homies. Yeah I think I’m untouchable. It’s been 4 years, and I haven’t been touched yet”. Now it seems his first act of war is trying to put Soulja Boy behind bars on RICO charges.

Charleston White Snitching to FEDS on Soulja Boy? Charleston White is Trying to Get Soulja Boy RICO Charges

In a viral video Charleston White announced he is pressing charges against Soulja Boy’s homeboy. In addition he’s trying to get Soulja Boy hit with RICO charges. In the footage Charleston White says he contacted an Atlantic district attorney claiming that he has videos of Soulja Boy threating his life with guns. When Charleston White said he was trying to take down all gang members, people never expected he would start cooperating with law enforcement. Is this considered Charleston White snitching on Soulja Boy?

This drama all started with the mace incident at Rolling Loud.

Then things went to a whole different place when Charleston White dropped this video.

It really seems like Charleston White has evolved in the black version of Tekashi69. He doesn’t seem to care about what people think in terms of going against the ‘street code’ considering he’s basically openly snitching on Soulja Boy. How crazy would it be if Charleston White’s snitching really leads to Soulja Boy RICO charges.

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