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The Most Viral Line From Ludarcis’ ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Response Lyrics Dissing Big Latto

Over the past five years Ludacris has been described by many as a hip hop legend who is usually underrated, or overlooked. It seems peculiar, because Ludacris has one of the best rap voices and flows ever, which was showcased once again on his newest track responding to Omeretta and Latto.

On Omaretta and Latto’s version of ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ they mentioned Ludacris’ name among others while rapping about rappers who aren’t from Atlanta, but portray themselves as natives of the city. In the lyrics you hear them boldly say “Ludacris is not Atlanta“. There was no sugarcoating it with a sneak diss, she said his name loud and clear,

The Most Viral Line From Ludacris ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ Lyrics

When it comes to response tracks Ludacris is one of the best, and he didn’t disappoint in responding to Latto and Omeretta. In only about 1 minute Ludacris made a statement confirming to fans that he still hasn’t lost his ability to truly takeover a beat. One slick line from the Ludacris ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ lyrics that’s been talk about most on social media is the moment where he said:

“Cause early I move to College Park, Got rich like Ludacris hit the Lotto (Latto)… I spent so much time in Magic City everyday I’m So Atlanta was always my motto.”


Latto is a great rapper, but it’s going to be tough for her to outrap Ludacris. His bag might be a little too deep for her to outmatch with all the experience he has. Some people call Ludacris the black Eminem in terms of raw lyrical ability and rapping style. It’s safe the say Luda’s version of ‘Sorry Not Sorry’ has the rap game yearning for more new tracks from him.