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KFC Chicken Causes Deadly Car Crash that Kills 28 year Old Gym Manager Anna Ledgar

One of the most dangerous things people do is trying to multitask while driving. Whether it’s texting on a phone, trying to do makeup in a mirror, or eating food, many people take these risks while driving not thinking about the consequences it can cause. In the sad case of Anna Ledgar, it was her love for KFC chicken that led to her horrific car crash.

Details on How KFC Chicken Caused Anna Ledgar’s Death

According to police reports Anna Ledgar died in a head on collision with another car after she was driving on the wrong side of the road. Investigators discovered that Anna Ledgar was eating KFC chicken when she lost sight of road not realizing she was driving into oncoming traffic. The car she collided with was a taxi driver who survived, but is in critical condition. The accident happened in Stoke-on-Trent United Kingdom.

Local news reports state that Anna Ledgar was found unresponsive in the seat of her car when paramedics arrived at the scene. It was confirmed that she suffered a traumatic brain injury from the force of impact. One witness claimed that one of the car she hit flew into the air, which conveys the vehicles were going at a high rate speed before the collision happened. The coroner claims there is proof Anna Ledgar was eating KFC chicken right before the deadly car crash.

photo of Anna Ledgar after KFC car accident.
Anna Ledgar Image Credit: Instagram

Anna Ledgar Was About To Get Married and Just Got a New Job as Gym Manager

This story is too tragic, because Anna Ledgar had a lot of positive things happening in her life before it was abruptly ended. Her boyfriend Greg Peters was planning to propose to her, and she had just landed a job as manager for the prominent Macclesfield FC gym club. One reports states that her boyfriend Greg was shocked to find out she was eating KFC while driving.

RIP Anna Ledgar. It’s so sad that her love for KFC Chicken led to her death.