One of the most famous Twitch streamers in the world named Ranboo has sent the internet into a frenzy after revealing his true desires in terms of love, relationships, and lust. The man who has millions of followers on social media never really delved into his preferences until today, and his comments has the LGBTQ community celebrating.

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is Ranboo Gay? Details on How Ranboo Came Out the Closet as Gay Man

In a series of emotional tweets Ranboo revealed he is gay by admitting he is attracted to men. Well technically he described himself as “unlabeled”, because he says he can be attracted to anyone whether it’s man or woman. However, in the same breath he said he is completely fine with people saying he is gay. Take a look at how Ranboo came out closet on his two Twitter accounts @ranaltboo and @ranboosaysstuff.

LGBTQ Community on Social Media Reacts to Twitch Streamer Ranboo Coming Out Closet as Gay Man

As aforementioned it seems people in the LGBTQ community are very happy about one of the most popular Twitch streamers Ranboo’s gay status. Their reactions made the phrase “One of Us, One of Us” start trending worldwide. It’s not clear if there is hidden meaning behind that phrase, but it seems like they are just celebrating the fact that Ranboo is now an official LGBTQ member.

Ranboo coming out the closet as a gay man continues the trend of celebrities finally feeling comfortable enough to reveal hidden secrets about their true identity. Luckily for Ranboo the Twitch streaming community seems to be supporting him 100%.

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Does this make Ranboo the most famous openly gay male Twitch streamer ever? What do you think Lil Boosie would say about this?

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