Why Did FBI Arrest Omi in a Hellcat Again in 2021? New Video Shows FEDS Raiding Omi House AGAIN. Video of FEDS arresting Omi in 2021.

Do you remember when the FBI seized everything from Omi in a hellcat on livestream in 2019? Most people thought that situation was behind him after it was reported Omi in Hellcat accepted a plea deal from FEDS to avoid a 230 month jail sentence. It was alleged instead of 19 years, Omi in Hellcat would spend 20 months in prison, and FEDS will keep most of his money, cars, and houses. However, a new video shows the trouble has started again.

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Why Did FBI Arrest Omi in a Hellcat Again in 2021?

The new viral video shows FEDS raiding Omi in a Hellcat’s house in 2021 before arresting him. Omi’s girlfriend was distraught as she recorded the situation, and accused the FBI of not telling them why they were searching his home. Omi in a Hellcat was also confused as he kept asking what they were looking for. The video ends with FBI agents asking Omi if he had any guns in his home.

Here is the video from back in 2019, when FBI first raided Omi in a Hellcat’s home.

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Considering Omi in a Hellcat supposedly struck a plea deal before this incident, some people think he may have violated terms of his reduced sentence in some way. However, there are currently no details on why FEDS arrested Omi for a second time.

Omi in a Hellcat made his fortune through illegal streaming on IPTV networks. At the height of his success he owned two night clubs, a restaurant, construction sites, and real estate. He would often post videos showing off his massive car collection.

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These days he was living a much more modest lifestyle before his second arrest.

Author: Jordanthrilla Staff

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