Did a Woman Stealing DNA start a Frontier Airlines Fight Leading to an Emergency Landing? Details Inside. Frontier Airlines Fight Brawl Causes Plane to Emergency Land.

Fights on planes is one of the most dangerous situations you can be in. The mixture of being thousands of feet in the air along with the small amount of space on planes makes for a situation where the people involved in the altercation and bystanders can get seriously injured very quickly. In addition if there is any emergency medical situation the plane would have to find a place to land before assistance could be given to a passenger. A scary situation like that happened during recent Frontier Airlines fight on a plane.

Frontier Airlines Fight Brawl Causes Plane to Emergency Land

A recent video shows a fight on a Frontier Airlines airplane that got so out of hand the pilot was forced to emergency land. The plane left from New York City, and was originally scheduled to land in Orlando. However, due to the brawl the Frontier Airlines pilot emergency landed in Raleigh, North Carolina. Luckily the plane landed safely, and now one was seriously injured.

Did a Woman Stealing DNA Start the Frontier Airlines Fight?

Now the craziest part about this story is not the fight itself, but what allegedly led to the fight. According to reports the Frontier Airlines fight started after a woman tried stealing a man’s DNA. It’s alleged the woman poked the man with a needle, which enraged him leading to the brawl. However, authorities say this may have been incident of someone who had mental health issues, but didn’t indicate if they were referring to the man or woman.

Check out the video of the brawl.

As you can see in the footage passengers on the plane were trying to hold down the man rather than the woman who he claimed stuck him with a needle trying to steal his DNA. This indicates that it may have been the man who was suffering from some mental health issues if that allegation is true. In addition only the man was arrested after the flight. It’s still not confirmed or unconfirmed if the man’s DNA was actually stolen.

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