Home News POV Video Tian Shan Mountains Avalanche Engulfing Hikers in Kyrgyzstan Goes Viral

POV Video Tian Shan Mountains Avalanche Engulfing Hikers in Kyrgyzstan Goes Viral

Getting caught in an avalanche is a dangerous experience 99% of people will never experience. For those that do the survival rate is particularly low. Naturally an avalanche is a situation you want to avoid at all costs, but what happens when you’re caught in the path of nature’s wrath, and you also miscalculated how far you need to run? The saying ‘nature is unpredictable’ sums up the horrifying situation a group of Kyrgyzstan hikers were caught in.

POV Video of Tian Shan Mountains Avalanche Trapping Hikers in Kyrgyzstan Goes Viral

Viral footage captures the moments up until a Tian Shan Mountains avalanche engulfed hikers Kyrgyzstan. The video was recorded by one of the victims who survived. When the avalanche began it seemed like the hiker was confident they were out of the range the massive wave of snow would reach.

However, the snow just kept creeping closer and closer until the massive pile of snow began to envelope them. It was mind blowing to see how far the snow traveled from it’s starting point. The footage really puts in perspective the destructive power an avalanche has.

Where it started vs where it finished.

Perhaps one the most miraculous aspects of the video was how calm the person recording was as he stared in the face of possible death. Even more amazing is the fact that everyone survived the scary ordeal. it seems like someone was watching over them on that day, or they just got super lucky.

If you ever wanted know what it feels to be caught in tidal wave of snow just watch the Kyrgyzstan Tian Shan Mountains avalanche video.