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Joe Biden’s Reason For Rejecting Cancelling $50,000 of Student Loan Debt Has People Feeling Betrayed

When people ran to the voting polls and voted for Joe Biden, a large number of those voters were working class Americans up to their ears in massive student debt. Joe Biden made promises that he would help them by removing most of that debt. Fast forward months later and Joe Biden’s reason for rejecting cancelling $50,000 of student loan debt has voters feeling very betrayed.

During a recent town hall when someone pleaded to Joe Biden how important it was for him to cancel at minimum $50,000 of student loan debt he coldly answered, “I will not that make that happen”. He then went on a rant talking about how it matters what type of school you go, then talked about how his children were able to make it while being over $100k in student debt.

It got worse when he started talking about an improvised plan he would take that would leave those who already have over $50K of student debt stranded.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez responding to Joe Biden rejecting cancelling student loan debt at Town Hall

Instead of helping people who need immediate help, Joe Biden would rather use that money towards making Community college free for future students. He also wants to make State College free for people making under $125K a year. The tradeoff would be if you’re already in student loan debt you’re on your own, which is unacceptable for a president to insinuate after the promises he made pre-election. Even Alexandria Ocasia-Cortez sounded off when responding to Joe Biden rejecting forgiving $50K of student debt.

When the election comes back around in 4 years, if Joe Biden loses this moment will be a major reason why. He just betrayed a large number of people who made sure he became President.

Author: JordanThrilla

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