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Here’s Why a German Man Got 90 COVID Vaccine Shots Then Got Arrested

Since COVID vaccines have been released to the public there has always been a battle between the powers that be, and people who don’t feel safe putting the substance in their bodies. When the powers that be started enforcing measure that basically forced people to get vaccinated, people had to think of ways to circumvent them, and while others had to think of ways to help the people that want to circumvent them. One man in Germany put his health on the line to help people avoid forced vaccinations.

Here’s Why a German Man Got 90 COVID Vaccine Shots Then Got Arrested

According to local news reports in Germany a 60 year old man from Magdeburg got 90 COVID-19 vaccination shots from various hospitals around Saxony state. Police finally were able to uncover his scheme earlier this month while he was getting his 90th COVID vaccine shot at a center in Eilenberg.

His mistake was that he showed up to the clinic two days in a row, which was a red lag to doctors at the center. Police were called, and when they searched him they found a bunch of blank vaccination cards. He is now being charged with document forgery and illegal issuance of vaccination cards. Due to German laws the man’s name will not be released publicly.

The man’s scheme would effectively give his customers forged vaccination cards that were no different from a real one, because they actually had real vaccine batch numbers. Usually these batch numbers are one of the easiest ways to spot fake vaccine cards, which is probably why the man risked his own health to make sure they had real ones. It’s not clear how much he was getting paid for each one he sold.

What Health Issues Will the German Man Who got 90 COVID-19 Vaccine Shots Face?

We all know there are many deadly side-effects that COVID vaccines can potentially cause. A few weeks ago the FDA released clinical trial documents that showed over 1,000 deadly side-effects the Pfizer vaccine can allegedly cause. Naturally someone getting 90 COVID-19 shots would increase the chances of these side effects happening, which has doctors worried. At the same time they have never been able to study a human being that got so many shots, so maybe he will help doctors discover something new.

Why Do So Many People Germany Get Fake Vaccination Cards?

In Germany people who aren’t vaccinated can be barred from entering restaurants, theaters, swimming areas, and some cases their place of work. In the same breath Germany has one of the highest rates of anti-vaxxers in the world. Despite Germany ending some COVID laws in regards to mask wearing, in many places the vaccine laws still remain in place. With a fake vaccination card it allows those people to have the same privileges as the vaccinated Germans without being vaccinated, with the risk of being caught with a forged vaccine card.