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Police Discovered More Than 90 People Inside Houston Home After Busting Human Trafficking Operation

When police in Texas received a tip about a human smuggling scheme at a Houston home they probably weren’t prepared for what they were about to witness. Police found more than 90 people hidden inside a Houston home after busting the human trafficking opereation. Reports state there were 5 female prisoners, and the rest were males.

Police have confirmed there were no underage victims with the youngest prisoner being 20 years old. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic all the victims are still being held inside the house until they can be fully tested for COVID.

Houston Police spent all night looking for the correct house after receiving an anonymous very credible tip that people were possibly being held inside the home. When they entered the Houston home they found all 90 individuals huddled together on the floor.

Here was press conference about the shocking findings.

Houston police have quite a predicament on their hands, because they don’t actually know who the victims and leaders of the human trafficking operation are. They believe the suspects blended in with the victims when they heard police arrive. Therefore, they are investigating all the protentional human trafficking victims as possible suspects as well.

As you can see the home this happened in looks like to be in a suburban neighborhood. Most people would never expect a human trafficking operation of that magnitude would be running from a location like that. If police never got that anonymous tip they would have probably never found out, an that’s a scary thought.

Every year around 50,000 human trafficking victims are found in the United States. Can you imagine the number of victims that aren’t found?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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