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Is Raymond Reddington Katarina Rostova? Here is Proof Reddington is Elizabeth Keen’s Mom

Is Raymond Reddington Katarina Rostova in The Blacklist? A conspiracy theory insinuating that Reddington is a transgender man is gaining steam world wide. In Episode 22 there are small details that made people think that Reddington is Elizabeth Keen’s mom, which would be one of the biggest plot twists in TV-show history.

The Hints That May Prove Raymond Reddington is Transgender Man Who used to be Katarina Rostova

The first hint was a moment where Reddington said he knew her mom better than anyone else, which could be because he is her. The second hint was Reddington giving Elizabeth Keen an envelope that he told her not to open until he was dead. He warned her that she wouldn’t be able to kill him if she knew who he really was.

The third and most major hint was the memories Raymond Reddington had while watching Elizabeth Keen die. It seemed he was seeing himself as Katarina Rostova during Elizabeth’s childhood. Lastly Reddington is dying from an unknown sickness, which could actually be complications from his gender reassignment surgeries.

The hints that could be showing that Reddington is Katarina Rostova didn’t just start in Episode 22. If you remember in one of the older episodes Reddington was captured by the ex-husband of Katarina Rostova, and when he wanted to kill him Reddington whispered something in his ear which caused him not to. Looking back he probably told him that he was Katarina Rostova, which was one of the people he wouldn’t kill since he loved her.

Going back earlier than that you’ll probably remember that scene where Reddington was changing clothes, and had burn marks on his back. Those marks indicate that he was inside Elizabeth Keen’s house when the fire happened as Katarina Rostova.

If you take into account the subtle evidence that was given in Episode 22 it points to Reddington becoming transgender to hide the fact that he was Elizabeth’s real mom. The surgery was probably not only to change his appearance, but also his gender.

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