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Broken Nose Face Mask Devin Booker and Trench Coat Chris Paul Are Born Before Clippers vs Suns Game 3

Clippers vs Suns Game 3 is almost set to start, and fireworks are already in the air with some new changes to Suns lineup. Broken nose Face mask Devin Booker and trench coat Chris Paul were seen arriving to Clippers arena setting social media ablaze.

Devin Booker broke his nose after being headbutted by Patrick Bervley during Game 2. Being the tough competitor he is he still finished the game with his nose noticeably crooked.

Chris Paul who had been out for the past two games due to COVID-19 protocol is set to make his series debut, so his outfit may have been a statement.

Here is Devin Booker wearing a face mask with one strap.

Here is Chris Paul wearing a trench coat.

Suns are going to get Clipper’s best shot today with them trying to avoid a 0-3 series hole, and Devin Booker and CP3 look ready for the challenge.

Will the face mask affect Devin Booker’s shooting?

Author: JordanThrilla Staff

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