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Caleb White’s Last Training Video 2 Hours Before He Died Suddenly Goes Viral

The alleged last training video of Caleb White, a 17-year-old basketball player from Pinson Valley High School in Alabama who died suddenly after collapsing during a workout on Thursday is going viral. White was a star point guard who had earned several accolades, including being named a First-Team all-state selection as a junior, along with being the 25th ranked point guard in the nation, and Second ranked point guard in Alabama.

According to reports, White collapsed around 1 p.m., and CPR was performed until medics arrived. He was pronounced dead at the hospital, and it has not been confirmed if a defibrillator was in the workout facility where he collapsed. The cause of his death has not been officially stated, but some experts have speculated that he may have suffered a cardiac arrest, which is a common reason for sudden collapse among young athletes.

White’s death, which was confirmed by his grandfather George Varnadoe Jr, has sparked grief and shock among his family, friends, teammates, and coaches. His coach described him as a great kid who was always smiling, and had a bright future ahead of him. His teammates remembered him as a leader, a brother, and a friend who always encouraged them to work hard and have fun. His family said he was a loving son, brother, and grandson who had a passion for basketball.

Conspiracy Theories that Caleb White Died from a Heart Related Covid Vaccine Side Effect are Trending

White’s death has also raised questions among some conspiracy theorists who wonder if he may have had a heart issue that was caused by a COVID-19 vaccine side effect. They point out that he is added to the growing list of young athletes who have died suddenly, or went into cardiac arrest since 2020 when the COVID-19 vaccine was mandated.

In the past there has been an alleged statistical link found between an increase in heart related incidents in sports after the COVID vaccine was made mandatory. For example before 2021 and vaccine mandates, soccer players collapsing on the field was an extremely rare occurrence, but it has became much more common over the past three years.

According to a report from Dr. Yaffa Shir-Raz, cardiac deaths on the FIFA soccer field increased by 5 times the normal rate. That didn’t include soccer players like Adama Traore who luckily survived a cardiac incident, which would make the increase even greater. Back in 2021 reporter Trevor Sinclair went viral when he sent out tweet wondering if the vaccine was connected to the increase of heart related incidents in sports.

In 2021 Trevor Sinclair Went Viral After He Questioned if the Government Was Hiding a Link Between Covid Vaccines, and Heart Related Incidents in Athletes

Was Caleb White Vaccinated? Did Alabama Schools Have Vaccine Mandates?

Unlike some other states, Alabama did not have any vaccine mandates for schools or businesses, according to AARP. In fact, state had laws barring local governments, schools, and businesses from requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a condition for admission, or to receive goods or services. They also granted workers broad rights to get religious or medical exemptions to workplace vaccine mandates.

Governor Kay Ivey signed an executive order in October 2021 to fight the federal vaccine mandates issued by President Biden, saying that Alabamians should have the choice to get vaccinated and not be forced by the government. Alabama had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, with only about 44% of its population fully vaccinated by December 2021.

Caleb White’s Alleged Last Training Video 2 Hours Before Death is Going Viral

While we can’t confirm if this is true, a video is floating around social media, which allegedly shows Caleb White training in the gym 2 hours before his death. In the footage White appears to be doing shooting drills, and doesn’t show any apparent signs that a serious medical emergency is about to occur. Some people who survive cardiac arrest, say they didn’t experience any symptoms before it happened, while others say they experienced symptoms such as feeling very tired.


It’s not known whether Caleb White was vaccinated, but if he was it wasn’t because of a mandate from his school, since as aforementioned Alabama did not have vaccine mandates.

Hopefully doctors can figure why he died suddenly, so his family can get closure. It’s really sad to see a young man with such a bright future gone so soon. This tragic situation comes only a few weeks after Bronny James survived a cardiac arrest episode that doctors still can’t figure out why it happened.

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