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Was the Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury Fight Fixed in a Cheating Scandal? Why People Think Francis Ngannou Got Cheated in Loss

The boxing world witnessed a remarkable outcome on Saturday night, when Francis Ngannou, the UFC heavyweight champion, made his professional boxing debut against Tyson Fury, the WBC and lineal heavyweight champion. Ngannou, who is known for his devastating knockout power in mixed martial arts, lost by split decision, but most people are convinced the results were fixed.

Was the Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury Fight Fixed in a Cheating Scandal?

The fight started with Fury using his superior boxing skills and footwork to keep Ngannou at bay, jabbing and moving around the ring. Ngannou, who had a significant size and strength advantage over Fury, tried to close the distance and land his powerful punches, but was mostly unsuccessful in the first two rounds. Fury was also mostly unsuccessful at landing punches early on.

However, in the third round, Ngannou managed to catch Fury with a right hand to the side of his head, knocking him down to the canvas. The crowd erupted in disbelief as Fury lay on his back, seemingly hurt by Ngannou’s punch. Ngannou celebrated as if he had won the fight, but the referee quickly intervened and started the count.

Fury, who had shown remarkable resilience and recovery in his previous fights against Deontay Wilder, got up and signaled that he was ready to continue. The referee checked his eyes and allowed the fight to resume. Ngannou rushed in to finish Fury off, but Fury clinched him and survived the round.

After that, the fight became more competitive and exciting, as both fighters exchanged blows and showed their toughness. Ngannou proved that he had more than just power, as he displayed his boxing skills and stamina. He landed some solid shots on Fury’s body and head, while also avoiding some of Fury’s punches with his head movement and footwork.

Fury showed that he was intimidated by Ngannou’s power, as he continued to jab and move around the ring. He also landed some hard shots on Ngannou’s face and chin, but could not hurt him as much as he did to Wilder. He also tried to use his psychological tactics and trash talk to get under Ngannou’s skin, but he remained calm and focused.

Judging from the fight, it seemed like Tyson Fury landed single digit power punches the whole fight.

The fight went the distance, with both fighters raising their hands at the final bell. The judges scored the fight for Tyson Fury by split decision shocking almost everyone in the arena.

The decision of the fight was one of the most surprising results in boxing history, and it marked a historic achievement for Ngannou despite the loss. Many people feel he should have become the first UFC champion to win a boxing title, and the first fighter to hold both titles, but the two of the judges felt that Tyson Fury somehow did enough to win the fight.

The first thoughts that started popping up on social media were people saying that Francis Ngannou got cheated out what should of been a sure victory.

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The third round of the fight was one of the most dramatic and exciting moments in boxing history, and it generated a lot of buzz and discussion among the boxing community. Many people praised Ngannou for his impressive performance and power, while others expressed their admiration for Fury’s toughness and heart.