Home News Former NBA Player Ray Allen Goes on Pro-Vaxxer Rant Against Anti-Vaxxers

Former NBA Player Ray Allen Goes on Pro-Vaxxer Rant Against Anti-Vaxxers

Ray Allen is trending after his pro-vaxxer rant against anti-vaxxers. Ray Allen claims he isn’t telling anyone to get the vaccine, but illustrated points that convey he was trying to convince people to take the vaccine.

What Did Ray Allen Say About Anti-Vaxxers?

Ray Allen used statistics to try making a point that he feels the COVID vaccine is safe for people to use. He claims that every living US president is vaccinated, but how can you really know that? Even if a president is unvaccinated there’s a high chance the public would be told they are.

Ray Allen went on to say that all 50 governors, 100% of congress, 96% of American doctors, and 75-80% of US Military are all vaccinated. He added a claim that 99.2% of people currently dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated.

It’s not clear where he got his statistics from.

Former NBA Player Ray Allen Goes on Pro-Vaxxer Rant Against Anti-Vaxxers

One thing Ray Allen couldn’t mention is that not too long ago FDA and CDC reported that only about 50% of their employees are vaccinated. Of course that bit of information wouldn’t fit his narrative.

The biggest problem with the perception of the COVID-19 vaccine is that the media has made it a political statement. This make it’s hard to trust numbers you find, because they could be manipulated for political purposes. It also makes it tough to have real discussions about the vaccine, because there are actually people out there who have been brainwashed into thinking every pro-vaxxer is a Joe Biden supporter, and ever anti-vaxxer is a Trump supporter, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Ray Allen didn’t say where he got his information, but what he presented are numbers presumably given by the same entities who are trying to promote the vaccine, so of course the numbers would be in favor of it. Nevertheless he made some good points.

It’s clear Ray Allen doesn’t like anti-vaxxers, but at the end of the day your decision to get vaccinated shouldn’t be influenced by these type of stats. Rather you should research the vaccine itself, how it works, and the amount of studies that went into before releasing for public trials.

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