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Grant Williams Miraculously Survives Joel Embiid Accidentally Stepping on His Head While Landing From a Jump

One of the most dramatic moments of the second round of the 2023 NBA playoffs happened in Game 3 between the Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics. Joel Embiid, the star center of the 76ers, accidentally stepped on Grant Williams’ head, crushing his face into the hardwood of the basketball court. The incident appeared to leave Williams with just a lip laceration, and he was miraculously able to return to the game.

The play occurred in the fourth quarter, when both teams were scrambling for a loose ball. Embiid leaped into the air, trying avoid getting his leg hit by a diving Celtics player. However, he landed on the back of Williams’ head, who was lying on the floor after being knocked down by another player. The slow motion replay showed how Embiid’s entire weight, which is over 250 pounds, pressed Williams’ face into the floor.

Many fans and commentators were shocked that Williams was still in the game, considering how severe the impact was. Some even questioned if Embiid should have been called for a flagrant foul, or if he intentionally stepped on Williams’ head. Williams didn’t seem to feel there was any malicious intent from Embiid, and it seems clear it was just a freak accident.

The game ended with a devastating 76ers loss on the same night that Embiid was awarded his MVP trophy in a very emotional moment. Celtics now have a 2-1 a series lead, and all the momentum by retaking homecourt advantage. Will this be the year “The Process” completes, or will it be another year of an early playoffs exit?

If James Harden doesn’t show up in Game 4 things could be looking very bleak by the time Game 5 rolls around. Regardless of who wins the series there will be no NBA player more lucky than Grant Williams after avoiding serious injury from having Embiid land on his head.

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