Debate About Uncle Howdy's Botched Jump Over LA Knight After Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match at Royal Rumble Trends

There was a lot of excitement at the first ever Mountain Dew Pitch Black Match at Royal Rumble between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight. Uncle Howdy became the star of the show after the match was over. Everyone was eager to see what Uncle Howdy would do to LA Knight, but things took an unexpected turn. Unfortunately, people believe Uncle Howdy completely missed his target during a jump. He was allegedly supposed to land on LA Knight, but he completely missed his mark, landing beside him and going through the ring. The audience was shocked, and gave him a mixed reactions on social media.

Was Uncle Howdy’s Jump Actually Botched?

This moment has become one of the most debated moments in Royal Rumble history, because it’s unclear if this was actually a botched jump or if it was intentional. Some say that Uncle Howdy was supposed to miss his jump to create dramatic suspense. Others argue that he was supposed to land on LA Knight, and it was an accident.

The debate still rages on as to whether this was an accident, or planned. It’s possible that we may never know the truth, as Uncle Howdy will probably be tight-lipped about the incident. No matter what the truth is, the jump has gone down in history as one of the riskiest, and most daring moves ever attempted at Royal Rumble.

Uncle Howdy’s botched jump is a reminder of the risks professional wrestlers take in the ring. It’s clear that a single distraction or miscalculation can have huge consequences. Uncle Howdy will no doubt be remembered as a legend despite his failed jump, and the incident will be forever immortalized in Royal Rumble history.

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