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Jazz Announcers Disrespect Luka Doncic with Nikola Jokic Comparison Comment During Mavericks vs Jazz

Luka Doncic is the type of player that’s good enough on the basketball court to make people deeply dislike him. His dominate performances can turn any fan of his opponents into his biggest haters in the span of 48 minutes. Apparently that extends to broadcasters as well, because Jazz announcers dissed Luka Doncic with a strange critique of his skills during their loss to the Mavericks.

Jazz Announcers Diss Luka Doncic with Nikola Jokic Comparison During Mavericks vs Jazz

With about 24 seconds left to go in the game the Mavericks were up by 10 points with Luka Doncic at the free throw line. Jazz fans knew the game was all but over, as Mavericks were about to get their 5th straight win.

With the pain of defeat settling in the Jazz announcers dissed Luka Doncic with a unprecedented comment about his skills in comparison to Nikola Jokic.

According the Jazz announcers Luka Doncic is not on Nikola Jokic’s level. In fact they believe Luka Doncic is “nothing” compared to Nikola Jokic. After one of the announcers read of Luka’s stat line of 35 points, 16 rebounds, and 7 assists, the other Jazz announcer chimed in to say this,

Yeah, but he’s nothing compared to Jokic. Did you see what Jokic did yesterday? 40 point triple double?”

As you’ll hear in the video below, the Jazz announcer sounded angry while making the ludicrous statement.

The ironic thing about that statement is Luka Doncic might be the most similar player Nikola Jokic in terms of their style of play. They both use below the rim unorthodox moves along with a supreme mastery of basic fundamentals to dominate opponents that are usually more athletic.

Their numbers are similar as well with Luka Doncic averaging 28, 9, 9, and Nikola Jokic averaging 25, 15, and 8.

In what world is player who almost averages a triple double not on Nikola Jokic’s level? That sounded like some bonafide hating. Nevertheless, the Jazz announcer comparing Luka Donic to Nikola Jokic makes for a classic “u mad” moment, word to Cam’ron.

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