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Why is a Former NFL Player Suing Lebron James and Drake? Details About $10 Million Lawsuit

There’s an old saying that goes “more money, more problems”, and it seems Lebron, Drake, and Maverick Carter are in the midst of a situation that holds true to that virtue. Lebron James is currently the first active player billionaire in NBA History, and to get there he made some smart business decisions. However, based on a new lawsuit he and Drake are possibly making some shady business decisions as well.

Details on Why a Former NFL Player is Suing Lebron James and Drake For $10 Million in Massive Lawsuit

Former NFL player and Executive Director of the NBPA Billy Hunter is suing Lebron James, Drake, and Maverick Carter for $10 Million in damages plus the profit from a documentary they produced called “Black Ice”. The production focuses on an all black Hockey League that was created in Canada way back in 1895 due to segregation. Based on the lawsuit Drake and Lebron allegedly stole the rights for the film unlawfully.

Billy Hunter who played from the Washington Redskins and Miami Dolphins claims that he owns exclusive rights to making any type of production based on the Canadian Hockey League for black players. As result he filed the $10 Million lawsuit with the Manhattan State Supreme Court, and hired well renowned lawyer Larry Hutcher. In the court document he specifically uses the word “steal”, which insinuates he believes they knew he owned exclusive rights before producing the “Black Ice” documentary.

For Drake finding himself facing lawsuits is nothing new. A few years ago he was sued by Rappin’ 4-Tay after being accused of stealing lyrics from his ‘Playaz Club’ song, and using them in his verse on YG’s ‘Who Do You Love’. Drake eventually was ordered to pay him $100,000.