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Police Identify NFL Player CB Phillip Adams is Mass Shooter Who Killed 6 People Including 2 Kids in Rock Hill SC

Police identified former NFL player CB Phillip Adams as the mass shooter who killed 5 people including a 2 kids and doctor in Rock Hill South Carolina. Phillip Adams committed suicide on Thursday morning after shooting himself when cops caught him.

Details of the CB Phillip Adams Mass Shooting

The victims Phillip Adams shot dead were Dr. Robert Lesslie (70), his wife Barbara Lesslie (69), their granddaughter Adah Lesslie (9), and their grandson Noah Lesslie (5). A 38 year old man that was working at the home during crime was also shot to death. The 6th victim of the shooting survived, but is in critical condition.

The Motive of the CB Phillips Williams Mass Shooting

While the investigation is still ongoing investigators have said Phillip Adams parents lived in close vicinity to the doctor. The doctor he targeted has also treated him many times before during his playing career and after. One theory is that CTE from his NFL playing days could have played a factor, but nothing is confirmed.

Police were first notified of the crime on Wednesday around 4 pm, and when they arrived at house 5 of 6 victims were pronounced dead at the scene. An immediate manhunt took place that lasted many hours before Phillip Adams was caught at nearby home.

RIP to all the victims, and hopefully the one survivor can pull through. This continues a scary trend of tragic mass shootings.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff