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Here is How Amanda Passed Away The Girl From Soft White Underbelly

The girl from Soft White Underbelly Amanda passed away, and her story couldn’t have ended in a sadder way. The news of Amanda dead was announced by Lima Jevremovic who had been working with her in rehab. It was confirmed that Amanda did not overdose.

What is the Cause of Soft White Underbelly Amanda’s Death?

Doctors believe Amanda died from a severe brain injury, and the long term effects of crack use. Doctors theorize the brain injuries were sustained during multiple incidents where Amanda was raped and beaten while she was homeless living the tough streets of LA’s skid row. The attack cost Amanda all her front teeth. At the time of her death Amanda did not relapse. Reports say Amanda died peacefully in her sleep while in residential treatment.

The Tough Life Amanda from Soft White Underbelly Endured Before Dying

Soft White Underbelly is a YouTube channel that documents and follows the lives of people going through rough situations. Their most popular series was documenting the life of Amanda as she was recovering from being a crack addict in 2020. Before that time Amanda was homeless living on Skid Row, where she was beaten and $exually assaulted multiple times. When her father attempted helping her Amanda was so addicted to crack that she was denied entry into drug rehabilitation centers.

However, in what seemed like a hopeless situation there was glimmer of hope when she finally got the help she needed.

Here is How Amanda Passed Away The Girl From Soft White Underbelly. Amanda GoFundMe,

7 months ago a GoFundMe was started for Amanda after she was on the brink being forced to leave a drug rehabilitation program for financial reasons. Good Samaritans’ donations allowed her to continue that program up until the time of her death. $36,188 was raised on a steady path to the $250,000 goal.

Amanda’s story began with tragedy and despair, but she persevered through to successfully complete 189 days of treatment. She was truly in the midst of changing her life.

RIP Amanda from Soft White Underbelly.

Author: JordanThrilla Staff